February 19, 2016

The story goes, Slobberbone was born in a Denton, TX Park ‘n’ Go beer store parking lot in early 1992. Over the course of the next four years the band would cut their teeth and earn their chops across the Texas music landscape. 1996 brought forth the release of the band’s debut album, Crow Pot Pie. The world would eventually be blessed with three more Slobberbone albums (Barrel Chested, Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today, Slippage) before the band decided to call it quits. Bees and Seas: The Best of Slobberbone is a not a mere greatest hits album but more a creative retrospective, a painstakingly selected group of songs that best represent who the band is and was. The majority of these songs are set to be released on vinyl for the first time ever. This 1-CD, 180g double LP set features an original cover painting by Will Johnson (Centro-matic, Monsters Of Folk) and liner notes by Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers). The design also features images and memories submitted by fans in an online artwork contest. New West Records is pleased and proud to put out a “new” Slobberbone record!

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Sept 17, 2014

Jess Barr, after deliberating for a long time, left Slobberbone at the beginning of July. Jess felt like his heart wasn't in it anymore. He didn't come by his decision easily. The four of us have been playing, touring, and even living together at times for the past 17 years. We share an unspoken bond that comes with being within fifty-feet of each other for weeks at a time. But, all relationships, good, bad, or in between, evolve and a man goes his own way for his own reasons.

Tony, Brent, and I respect Jess' decision. We have had the mutual pleasure of watching Jess grow as a player and as a person. His contributions on Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today made the album better, specifically Bright Eyes Darken and, especially, the solo he did on Josephine. We’re all proud of how he’s made the Twilite the best bar in Dallas and we’ll gladly continue to spend our money there. Jess remains an administrator on this page and he’s free to promote the Twilite or any band he chooses to be involved in.

As for Slobberbone, Tony, Brent, and I will remain as a band under the same name. After our successful tour of the Netherlands with Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage, we realized that we still enjoy playing together and that we do it well. We talked about a few potential guitar players that we’d like to play with but have not made any decisions yet. Hopefully, we’ll have new material for y’all to listen to in the near future. As usual, thanks for your continued interest, love, and support.

Brian Lane 9/17/14

May 1, 2011 (3:00am)

I write you tonight beside the television, a big, big, big, bottle of cheap wine beside me, and an ice pack on my nether region. The matter of which I am writing has been bestowed on me with great importance. In addition Mister Brent has been found unavailable, as he is devilishly trying to deliver his first solo recording event to his investors (we hope).

So it goes to me, your faithful, yet humble drumber to deliver this message to you. If you have been at our website,, you no doubt know of our pending mini-tour of the Midwest and upper Mid-west states. If by chance you have been parleyed this message via electronic mail you have good friends and still need to visit

As I know very few of you can handle the impending news much longer, perhaps thinking of moving on to a site which features scantily clad or clad-less ladies (or men) partaking in lewd sexual acts, I give you this message:

The proceeds of afore-mentioned mini-tour, as well as the merchandise sales will go to the funding of the next full-length recording. So we would appreciate your attendance at these shows. Then we will attempt to make an album that will make you say, "Dang!" How proud you will be upon listening to its perhaps majestic (or not) songs and say, "I helped make this!" We feel that we can move in this new direction with your love and support. And Booze.

For in all things, Love and Hearts and Booze prevail.

Come and join us,

Tony the Drumber

August 2010

'Ellow Kitties!: nkay, whew... been a while. Hear ye, hear ye, I be engineering this missive on behalf of all ye who have participated or may still want to participate in the "I Want the Damn Solo Rekkerd Brent Best be Makin' For Those Who Want It Before He Go Make a Slobberbone Rekkerd With The Band" project. Lemme begin with two things:

1.) Yer responses have been overwhelming and endearing. The no-questions-asked-hell-yeah-do-it nature of your contributions are only eclipsed in the encouragement department by the letters and messages you all have sent along as well. Seriously, I could probably recreate an oral history of my time on the road with the vivid reminders of single nights long past and places buried deep and foggy in my slowly calcifying memory bank by simply stringing all the accounts of your letters together (and some of you sent photos!). From the deepest of my deep-down thankee place, I thank you all.

2.) A very small few of you seem to maybe not understand that this project will essentially be a solo record, meant to be done efficiently and whisked off in the mail only to you guys BEFORE I reconvene later with the boys to begin work on a S'bone record, which will be done completely differently. If this is the case for any of you who have already contributed and you wish not to be a' contributin' anymore and would rather just wait for the band's record, please lemme know, (, and I will refund yer monies no problem.

Now then, to the task at hand. First lemme apologize for the information blackout that probably seemed to take place for some of you the last couple of months regarding this project. Sure as shit when I finally put my head to something other events far from my radar scoop in and intervene but as my 30's dwindle down to their last few days I realize that these sorta conundrumal situations and phenomena are pert'near universal to this life. The short run-down: I got hitched(!!), lost a dear loved one, and have spent the last couple of months trying to successfully navigate the choppy waters of maintaining two households, which is ridiculous as I never could really maintain one worth a shit. Lemme just say that I know why rich folk with multiple household properties employ "staff". And I'd bet a cool hundy that their, ahem, "country homes", don't suffer from the same sort of 'domesticity v nature' maladies that my shack in the woods buzzes with. Snakes in the toilet, man! Snakes in the toilet!!! Let's just say that I'm finally feeling the tug back to the big city life of Denton proper again and the fact that my wife has a clean, air-conditioned, relatively snake-free toilet there doesn't hurt.

Okay, now REALLY to the task at hand: I feel the need to let you all know that the CONTRIBUTION PHASE IS COMING TO AN END. I meant to end it at the end of July but so many have continued to inquire as to if it was still available I decided to let it run one more month, but as of now, it will end on September 1. Whilst I wouldn't completely flinch at the notion of continuing to sit back and collect yer hard earned currencies while pondering how the hell a snake actually gets into the pipes, the time is now to move forward and begin the actual recording of said project. Far more daunting, however, is first compiling the master list of all contributors to be re-published for you guys so's you can check your name and order against it, which I will begin doing on the 1st and will post soon after. After this, you can also expect some demos and whatnot, followed by some in-studio assgrabbery, followed by the record, mailed to your doorstep.

Okay then, once more, Thankee Thankee! I look forward to "gettin' r' dunn". If'n you got any questions, feel free to shoot 'em to the old addy. Hope all is well and we love ya.

Brent David Best, Esq. (not really)

April 2010

So's I've been ruminatin' for a while now as to the status of a number of unreleased songs of mine, 'solo material' as the suits might call it and and in light of our desire to return to creating new Slobberbone material in the near future I feel the time has come to put the hammer to the anvil and get these out. A few of these songs you might have heard me perform live the last few years, some I've never played outside my house and some have never left their hard drive. They've marinated long enough, methinks. With that in mind, I've decided they should be recorded all proper-like, in a real studio (I love my kitchen but it's time to get out) and with a focus on craft and not brevity. Addititionally, I would like to eschew the traditional means of funding and distribution we've employed in the past and be able to deliver it straight to whoever may be interested upon completion. My only barriers to this end is the time needed away from work and other concerns, and the funding.

Here's what I'm proposing: that you, or anyone who'd like to participate, become that avenue. I believe this can be fairly simple and that excites me enough to help allay some of the aggonizing I've had that this might seem basely oppurtunistic to some. It's not. I've come to realise that the biggest gift over the last many years of doing what I do only starts from getting to share my work with those who would receive it, but more importantly, for me, becomes the relationships, and often all-out friendships, that so many have chosen to share with me in return. This is where my satisfaction comes from, not the spectre of throwing it out to the world at any cost and seeing what can be gained. I've already gained more than I ever imagined. It's you guys I want to continue with.

So now I make this offer, to those and only those who would feel no weirdness about it: help me make this record. For a $10 contribution, you will receive a limited edition of this record, to be recorded later this summer, shipped to you upon completion, personalised and with your name on it. Whew... okay here's how it can work: you participate either via Paypal or with a check or money order. Most important will be for you to provide your complete name and shipping information. Paypal provides for this but please make sure you enter it and it is correct, and update it if you should move. Same thing with a mailed check or money order: please enclose your full name and mailing info, along with phone and email if you'd like. This will facilitate me compiling a master list of all donors and to be able to keep you up to date on the production, and also provide you with access to some web-based extras that I'll post along the way. For Paypal, send your donation to, for check or money order, mail your donation to Brent Best, 1901 Redwood Pl, Denton, TX, 76209. Upon receipt, I will send you a notification confirming your participation along with additional updates to follow.

I am excited and a little twitchy. Also a little gassy at the moment but that usually goes away. I look forward to looking forward. And when it's all said and done, let's all have a drink.

Verily and with big smoochies,

brent best