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Covid Slobbershirt

Unprecedented SlobberShirt

Topical+ Ironically cognizant title of Slobberbone’s third album= one kickazz shirt. Limited run.

Comes in S, XL, and XXL (sold out of all other sizes).

Slobberbone Amp Shirt

Slobberbone Black Amp T

OH. MY. GURD, y'all.
This here is the newly designed grey Amp on black T-shirt.
Completely re-done, it is clearly the pinnacle of Slobberbone Amp Design, the sum total and accrual of knowledge and curation in the Slobberbone Amp Collection.
Look at the detail, the texture, the play of light on the..........texture and details.
Anywhoo. a must have for people that like amplifiers, marginally like Slobberbone, like Slobberbone, really like Slobberbone, or those who are ate up with Slobberbone.

Only $25 shipping included.

Slobberbone Hummingbird Shirt

The Netherlands “Gurly” Shirt

All the "Gurlies" out there are going to be Slobberin' over the new Gold on Black Hummingbird straight from the Netherlands. For when you wanna get shiny. Goes good with black, tight and high heels! 100% Cotton and cut for the wemens. Sizes- S,M,L, XL, XXL.

ON SALE!! Only $20 shipping included.